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V A N S A N D T   R E A L   E S T A T E 2431 Blanding Boulevard *   Jacksonville, FL 32210 www.vrents.org or email at Vre@vrents.org (904) 389-3540 Voice   *   (904) 387-2820 Fax APPLICATION POLICY 1.  Vansandt Real Estate evaluates applications on a first come basis.  If we have more than one applicant, the first application will be approved or denied and if denied the second applicant will be evaluated until an applicant is chosen or all applications are denied.  The following is a list of required items to be provided by the tenant.    (a) A drivers license or an identification card issued by a state or governmental agency.    (b) A completed Application form provided by Vansandt Real Estate.
2.  Vansandt Real Estate will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin or age.  Our only criteria is the financial ability to pay the rent and the associated history of the prospective tenant in showing the responsible payment of past obligations.    (a) Job Status / Minimum of 1 year    (b) The monthly rent cannot exceed 33% of the monthly income.    (c) Child support will not be used for figuring monthly income.    (d) Evictions and non payments to previous landlords can be grounds for refusal.    (e) If there are no previous landlord recommendations, it is more difficult to get the application approved.    (f) Your credit, in the credit bureau, will have an effect on the approval or decline, some bad credit is not considered (Such as Hospital Bills and Student Loans).
3.  Vansandt Real Estate shall review the application for the obvious problems. If there is more than one applicant and your application is not approved you may be eligible for a refund of half the application fee if none of the following conditions apply.    (a) There was misleading or false information on the application.    (b) Previous landlords gave a bad recommendation.    (c) Bad credit on your credit history, not noted on the application.    (d) Evictions and non payments to previous landlords.
4.  Vansandt Real Estate’s PET POLICY:  NO PETS OVER 25 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!    Some properties are   NO  PETS  ALLOWED !!!!!!    Please ask !!!!!!